Our Quality is the difference

Quailty at Swissmeca, Inc.

Quality is more than a simple inspection at Swissmeca, Inc. It is integrated into our process before the start of any job. Our temperature controlled quality lab consists of high end calibrated equipment. We use vision systems, high magnification comparators, microscopes, a wide range of precision measuring hand tools, high grade gages, and custom fixtures.

Swissmeca works hard at building a culture of professionalism and quality. We believe in craftsmanship and take great pride in the products we produce.

Swissmeca is an ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016registered firm certified by NQA.


Swissmeca is committed to developing key partnerships with their customers by meeting and or surpassing their customers and regulatory requirements. This is driven by a risk-based approach towards continual improvement of our Quality Management System and sound manufacturing practices and training.

We will push our continual improvements with measurable objectives. Thru these objectives we will assess and strengthen the effectiveness of our quality system and manufacturing practices. The objectives will focus on us meeting our customers parts requirements, lead times, and ensure our supplier partners perform at a high level.

The personnel at Swissmeca are a key component of our Quality Management System sucsess. Thru training and schooling, we will push both their comprehension and growth to ensure that our day to day QMS functions are understood. Our goal is to develop a staff that takes ownership of our QMS and is capable to help us make it more robust and efficient.

This policy will be supported by Swissmeca’s senior management who are fully committed to the effectiveness and growth of our Quality Management System. They will ensure resources are dedicated and supported to maintain the excellence of Swissmeca’s Quality Management System.